Clear Disruptors Podcast: Premal Buch

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Premal Buch, CEO of Robin Systems: “The Massive Paradigm Shift Changing Data Centers”
In e-commerce, online security, digital advertising, inventory control and countless other industry segments, a massive amount of data is being collected, analyzed and acted upon simultaneously and invisibly in the background—in real time. What this paradigm shift means for the data architecture supporting this process is a growing demand that data centers be robust and agile.

A CIO’s biggest nightmare, meanwhile, is simply keeping up with the ever scaling demands of enterprise level big data. Worse yet, the solutions conventionally available to data centers turn out to have serious shortcomings. In this episode of “Clear Disruptors”, we meet Premal Buch, the CEO of enterprise data center software company Robin Systems. Premal explains why many data centers are not up to the task for this changing landscape, and how changing to “application-defined data centers” is the way forward. 

The discussion includes:

Stuck between a rock and bare metal: CIOs have had a tough choice when creating their data center architecture, says Premal, having to choose between adding expensive and non-agile server infrastructure, simply to accommodate peak periods (the so-called “bare metal solution”), and using virtualized cloud based resources which suffer a 30-40% performance overhead on a good day. “What you are really stuck with is choosing between various forms of cost, agility, and performance.”

The Darwin of Data Centers: The evolution of data centers has already progressed from a purely hardware defined solution to a virtualized, software solution. The next logical step, predicts Premal, is the application-defined data center.  “An application-defined data center would make (data center management) easier because now, all the things that required a lot of manual process, scripting, maintenance upgrades…become easier,” says Premal. He explains just what the application-defined data center mechanism is, and specifically how it will benefit LOB, IT and CIO management.

Data center dreaming: Premal is excited about the potential of application-defined data centers. The shift to application-defined data centers, he believes, is not merely a convenience for technology staff. It paves the way to business benefits for enterprises and service benefits for customers. If we can get to that point, … that agility…in real time…with the betterment of performance, would be the ultimate nirvana.” Premal extrapolates the beneficial effects, and predicts how this paradigm shift will soon change the way that big data is handled everywhere.

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