Full Stack Software Engineer

Palo Alto, CA, US

Job Description / Skills Required

Paysa is looking for an expert level full stack generalist with industry experience in throughout the web server stack and beyond. The ideal candidate has extremely strong fundamentals and broad general experience across multiple engineering and computer science domains, including small technology company experience where early employees wear many hats to help build multiple different product elements.


Advanced knowledge of algorithms and data structures, including dynamic programming, memoization, hash tables.
Expert level knowledge throughout the web application development stack:
Server side development with Ruby-On-Rails version 4+, complex models/controllers/views/concerns, understanding of Ruby on Rails inner-workings.
HTML5/HAML, CSS3/Sass/SSCS, Bootstrap web page development.
Strong JavaScript fundamentals, and experience with JavaScript frameworks including but not limited to React, jQuery, Coffeescript, Node.js, es6/es7.
Server provisioning, security and automation including Linux, CentOS, AWS, iptables, nginx.
Advanced knowledge of MySQL querying and optimization. MySQL transactions, complex sql queries, ORMs, cross-database joins.
Web application testing automation using Rspec (unit testing), Cucumber (integration testing), and Selenium (automated web browser-based integration testing).
Web application performance tuning – Optimization of APIs and Web app performance, caching with memcached/redis and file compression.
Large scale distributed data processing using experience with Apache Hadoop/Hive. Experience executing/optimizing queries, and building mapper and reducer component scripts in Python, Ruby, Java.
Experience with machine learning/AI methods and fundamentals including strong knostatistics, mathematics. eg. markov chains/blankets, L2 boosting, neural networks, linear/multiple regression, supervised and unsupervised learning.
Extensive Information Retrieval and Relevance experience using Elastic Search and performing server provisioning, clustering, index building and querying.
User experience design and development including A/B testing, onsite analytics, and in-person/online user studies.
Strong understanding of search engine optimization including page rank fundamentals, website structure and optimization for search engine indexing, offsite approaches including back linking and domain authority, user-generated content development.
We really have a point of view on folks being passionate about the product and growth and leveraging their skill sets to move the needle. If your interest lies in writing the most elegant code or designing the most beautiful abstractions, this role is probably not for you.

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