Software Engineer

Palo Alto, CA, US

Job Description / Skills Required

Paysa is looking for a top flight Software Engineer to join our world-class Engineering team in Palo Alto, CA. Your role will be to help make meaningful contribution to the Paysa consumer-facing product built in Ruby on Rails and React.js. You will be working as a member of our engineering team to build new features and help improve the Paysa site user experience.

As a Software Engineer at Paysa you will continue to develop your software engineering chops through rigorous on-the-job training and have a positive impact on the careers of Paysa users. We help students, professionals and aspiring professionals achieve their next raise or promotion, determine which valuable skills they should learn next, or find their next best job that pays more and helps advance their career.

This position is all about Ruby on Rails and React.js, initially. We have an incredible data science engineering team at Paysa producing tons of new insights and APIs for us to build into the Paysa site experience. You will be both building new features into the site and helping to improve the user experience with your work by both building features, A/B testing, and measuring/analyzing the results of your work.


Bachelors in Computer Science / Computer Engineering degree required.
1-3 years of experience working in a software engineering role.
Hands on experience with Ruby on Rails, Javascript, React.js, CSS/SCSS, HTML/Haml, MySQL, and JSON.
Portfolio of your own work on meaningful projects that span the server to the frontend. Ideally, demonstrating your experience with Ruby on Rails and React.js.
An unrelenting drive to constantly improve your skills and learn on your own, both on the job and outside the office.
Come to our Palo Alto office at least two or three times a week. Don’t worry, we’ll feed you!

Email us your CV and tell us about yourself, and why you'd like to work with us at Paysa.

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