Senior DevOps Engineer

San Mateo, CA, US

Job Description / Skills Required

Help build the future of GoPro: as a DevOps Engineer at GoPro, you will work closely with product engineering teams to help design, prototype and implement (to production) a wide variety of different applications ranging from Ruby-on-Rails, to Node and even Go. We are quickly building up the infrastructure and applications to support the GoPro platform vision. You must be skilled, versatile and willing/able to adapt quickly to serve the needs of the engineering teams.

What You Will Do

Counsel teams as to what technology stack might be appropriate for an application
Build infrastructure (Ubuntu-based) and resources on AWS (We use EC2, RDS, VPC, S3, Cloudfront, ELB)
Prototype and deploy proof-of-concept software
Learn (bonus points for already having experience) and implement Docker
Deploy stable, production-ready services in a variety of programming languages including Ruby, Go, Node
Refine and tune existing web applications
Implement instrumentation and monitoring for a wide variety of applications
Take part in on-call rotation
Skills We’re Stoked About

Skills to run large scale, reliable infrastructure and applications on AWS
Understand SOA and concepts/utilities for doing service-discovery
Crazy about documentation
Familiarity with Git and Git based workflows
Enjoy learning new things and sharing knowledge back to the team
Master of automation, we use Ansible mainly.
Solid Bash skills (you need to know your way around the command-line)
Proven troubleshooting experience
Diverse, up-to-date technology knowledge and know how
Take pride in (and ownership of) your work
Bonus Skills We’re Stoked About

Monitoring (prometheus, graphite, grafana)
Open-source contributions