Applications Engineer

San Francisco, CA, US

Job Description / Skills Required

Swift Navigation is looking for an Applications engineer to create rich customer experiences with our high-accuracy positioning products. You will be working with a small team to push the state of the art in satellite navigation technology, making high accuracy positioning ubiquitous and easy to use across a wide variety of industries including unmanned aerial vehicles, robotics, and autonomous transportation.

Your job will be to inspire and equip our customers with the tools and knowledge necessary to integrate our products with their platforms from a software and system perspective. You’ll work closely with our customers and engineering team to research customer requirements, design effective tools and documentation, and help our customers integrate our products into theirs. You’ll also design and hack together creative demos to show off the capabilities of our products and to provide feedback from a user’s perspective.

Candidates should have skills and experience with:

Customer-facing applications engineering and project management
Communication (Serial, CANbus, UART, usb, ethernet, SPI, I2C)
Embedded C and microcontrollers
Embedded Linux
Scripting (Python, Bash)

Strong candidates will also have skills and experience with:

Target industries and applications (Automotive autonomy, UAS/UAV, land surveying, construction, aerial surveying and/or mapping)
Control theory, estimation, and sensor fusion as applied to autonomous systems
GNSS and navigation
RTOS (FreeRTOS, ChibiOS, etc)
System testing and verification
Technical writing
Sales engineering

The candidate should expect to:

Provide integration assistance and support to customers both on-site and remotely
Scope, estimate, and deliver integration engineering required for customer applications
Contribute to mainline firmware and tools development with an eye towards improving the customer experience
Act as a community ambassador
Design and present compelling demos to showcase Swift Navigation products
Author and improve product documentation and application white-papers

Swift Navigation is universal high-accuracy positioning for machine automation and data collection. We are venture funded, recently won the Qualcomm QPrize, and have a fantastic slate of customers. We offer unlimited vacation days, competitive salary, breakfast every morning, mentorship connections, and tech talks to push the professional growth of all our employees. Come join us!

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