Physical Design Engineer

Westborough, MA, US

Job Description / Skills Required

Give your career a boost and be part of the excitement at Mellanox. The market winds are at our back with our unique iMesh manycore architecture and its high performance/watt/mm^2 ratio. We are already shipping the ground-breaking TILE-Gx processors and sustaining the momentum with new developments to capture more business in the networking and datacenter markets.


We are seeking a strong Physical Designer who will grab the reins on a challenging project and drive it to completion in record time. You will quickly ramp on the existing flow, understand the challenges, and produce the work plan. Your expertise in deep submicron technology, processor design, and teamwork skills will be highly leveraged to guide activity across the entire cross-discipline, multi-site team. You will work with others to identify the issues, get buy-in on proposed solutions, and implement the solutions in time for the team to execute to schedule. Your personal impact on the company by hitting the market window with this new product will be huge.


BSEE/MSEE with minimum of 10 years in VLSI Design
Motivation to drive an exciting project
Needs to be familiar with all aspects of ASIC integration including floorplanning, clock and power distribution, global signal planning, I/O planning and hard IP integration
Experience solving SoC issues such as ESD strategies, mixed signal block integration, and package interactions
Familiar with hierarchical design approach, top-down design, area budgeting and physical verification convergence
Must have experience on integrating IP from both internal and external vendors and be able to specify and drive IP requirements in the physical domain
Experience with large SoC designs (>20M gates) with frequencies in excess of 1GHz utilizing 16nm and more advanced technologies
A detailed understanding of database management issues will be required
From a CAD tool perspective, experience with floorplanning tools, P&R flows and physical design verification flows is required
Familiar with various process related design issues including Design for Yield and Manufacturability, multi-Vt strategies and thermal management
TCL and Bash mastery are a necessity; Make, Perl and Python expertise is nice to have