Entry Level Design Verification Engineer

Westborough, MA, US

Job Description / Skills Required


Ensuring an ARM manycore processor functions perfectly requires your excellent bug finding ability! The Mellanox team in Westborough, MA, USA is hiring talented, enthusiastic design verification engineers holding a Bachelor's, Master’s, or PhD in Electrical or Computer Engineering. Your complex problem solving skills can help accelerate this cutting edge silicon to market!

State-of-the-art manycore processor verification carries many challenges:
Acquiring a deep understand of the architecture which combines enormous computational capability, high-bandwidth fabric, coherent memory hierarchy and flexible I/O solutions
Creating state-of-the-art validation environments and infrastructure, including drivers, checkers, monitors, exercisers, etc.
Applying verification best practices – planning, coding, random and focused testing, debugging, coverage analysis, etc
Our relatively small design team has delivered three generations of complex manycore processors to market. We strive to keep the startup culture alive – relaxed but highly productive! There is a lot to learn and the work is fast- paced. Employees contribute across disciplines on varied tasks and are encouraged to take on responsibilities at any level they can handle. We are truly a team, learning from one another and reviewing one another’s work.

The entry-level Design Verification Engineer owns validation of processor or accelerator blocks and/or top-level design features starting with test plans through infrastructure development to coverage sign off. You'll be challenged with:
Navigating complex architecture concepts involving CPU architecture, cache coherence and memory models, and I/O protocols and interfaces
Applying debug skills and root causing complex HW/SW issues
Applying proficiency with C/C++ programming, scripting such as Python, Verilog, System Verilog, UVM, and development best practices
Building testbenches and infrastructure
Specifying aspects of verification methodology and flow
Creating test plans, executing test plans, and measuring results

Bachelors', Master's or PhD in Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering