Analog High-Speed Link Researcher

Yokneam, IL

Job Description / Skills Required


Mellanox algorithms team is looking for new, highly-experienced High-speed Analog designer.


The position includes researching and tradeoff analysis of different high-speed link architectures and component.
The researcher is expected to employ both analytical tools as well as defining, designing and testing new experimental circuits for test chips.

Education: in Electrical Engineering (communication/signal processing/analog design)

Experience/ Requirements:
An experienced high-speed analog designer (10+ years)
System level understanding
Familiarity with analog simulation tools

Hands on design of: High-speed low-power analog front-ends, sample and hold circuitry, PLL’s. Etc.
Familiarity with full chip high density design (Signal integrity, packaging, clocking)
Lab experience
Research experience
Managemential capabilities