Logistics Operations Controller EMEA (based in Swindon)

Swindon, GB

Job Description / Skills Required

*Please note this role requires you to be in our Swindon warehouse 3-4 days per week*

Job Description

The focus of the role is to develop an effective & sustainable partnership with the 3PL provider; running the operation to ensure high quality standards & processes, whilst identifying opportunities to impact cost to service through continuous improvement.


Effectively managing the partnership with the 3PL warehouse provider. Be ready to challenge practices and behavior that are not aligned with Groupon's requirements. Be the face of Groupon and communicate directly the needs and requirements of Groupon to 3PL operations and senior management.
Driving continuous improvement projects, such as improving the inbound process, effectively communicating information within Groupon, across end to end logistics demonstrating the benefits to Groupon and ultimately Groupon's customers.
Managing a complex vendor supply model and understanding the needs of vendors and internal buying teams to ensure efficient and error free inbound receipts. Managing the communications with buyers and vendor facing teams to ensure that inbound receipts are error free and processed efficiently with minimum delays. Working with others to pinpoint vendor issues (lack of training on inbound process, non-compliance to vendor rules, etc) and to prevent repetition.
Create efficient logistics and partner engagement processes and regularly review these processes for service improvement. Facilitate regular meetings with 3PL to review and resolve identified issues or improvements. Meet regularly with 3PL operations managers to highlight areas for improvement and put in place appropriate improvement plans. Communicate these activities via weekly reporting to Groupon management.
Responsible for the stock being held at 3PL facility and proactively work with inventory teams to maintain a high level of stock accuracy and implementation of inventory management procedures. Carry out daily monitoring of stock accuracy and location accuracy by performing ad-hoc checks.
Drive process efficiency from third party logistics service providers including UK and International service providers
Ensure that third party logistics suppliers maintain and deliver as per service level agreements and agreed KPIs and communicate this relevant performance information appropriately. This will include generating and maintaining a weekly performance review presentation showing how the 3PL has performed on inbound and outbound against the SLA. Provide daily snapshots of the outbound volumes and flag any potential or known issues that could prevent 3PL from processing the daily order volumes in our systems. Give daily feedback on the progress of inbound shipments highlighting any delays and working with others to resolve delays as quickly as possible. Ensure inbounds are processed within 3PL and internal SLA’s.
Drive logistics strategy; striving towards an optimal situation across quality, service and cost. Work with senior management teams to ensure that 3PL is fully aligned with Groupon strategy and goals communicating clearly to 3PL.
Instill a positive culture and develop the collaborative relationship with 3PL providers
Be on site at 3PL at least 3 days each week to ensure that this role is effectively implemented.