Senior Full Stack Engineer

Newark, CA, US

Job Description / Skills Required

Headquartered in Newark, California, Kaiam Corporation is a private company developing products based on hybrid photonic integrated circuits (PIC’s). These circuits are used in high bandwidth optical transceivers that transmit and receive multiple wavelengths of light in fiber optic networks. The company’s products are used in high-end routers and communications gear that power the backbone of datacenters or longer distance telecommunications. With R&D facilities in Newark, California, and volume production outside of Edinburgh in the UK, the company’s products are used internationally by tier 1 system integrators and data centers. Founded by leading technologists from the optical networking industry, the team has a record of delivering breakthrough approaches that change the rules of the marketplace. It is currently working with multiple partners to deliver PIC based products for various applications. For more information, visit

About the Position
Kaiam is looking for a Senior Full Stack Engineer to take a lead role in continuing implementation and new development for test data database and web based data analysis software. New development includes adding additional functionality to existing web application. Ideally, the candidate should have a strong analytical background and a curiosity for solving problems and have five or more years of software development experience.
As a member of the Kaiam’s R&D team, you will contribute to a variety of short- and long-term efforts across various projects and in a number of technical areas. In this regard it will be important to be able to mix responsiveness to short term needs with the ability to keep up a level of effort on longer-term projects.

Minimum Requirements
Five years of Javascript programming experience
Expert in full stack web application development
Knowledge of databases, both MS SQL and MongoDB
Knowledge AngularJS 1 and 2,  Material design, Node.js, Meteor JS, Ecmascript 2015, Canvas JS for charting, GraphQL and other Javascript technologies.
Knowledge of Ubuntu operating system from 12.04 to latest
Good software-development habits (i.e. version control, documentation, writing tests first)
BSCS or higher, or BS EE or physics with experience in software development