Software Development Engineer II

Palo Alto, CA, US

Job Description / Skills Required

The Groupon Display Engineering Team develops and manages the Display Advertisement Platform in Groupon. The group is responsible for all kinds of Groupon display ads on multiple partners like Facebook, Criteo & Real Time Bidding Exchanges.

We are looking for talented & passionate engineers who could help understand and apply data based insights to display engineering. You should be able to innovate and automate in the rapidly growing area of big data and machine learning.

The goal will be to research & develop bidding algorithms for multiple channels and integrate them with partner platforms.

You will work with machine learning scientists to build data infrastructure based on your extensive knowledge of the data and engineering best practices.
You will gather, collect, store, do batch or real time processing on the data and serve it via an API for open and easy access.
You will use your extensive knowledge of databases and software development to develop machine learning pipelines, which includes error handling, scaling, maintaining clean data, and ensuring reliability.
You will also be responsible for analytics and data intelligence tools which would help the team to gather and drive insights into the day to day business for display marketing.

Groupon provides a global marketplace where people can buy just about anything, anywhere, anytime. We’re enabling real-time commerce across an expanding range of categories including local businesses, travel destinations, consumer products, and live or lively events. At the same time, we are providing advertising options and tools that merchants can use to grow and manage their businesses. Culturally, we believe that great people make great companies and that starting with the customer and working backward moves us forward. Community matters to us on an internal, local and global scale—it’s fundamental to our company’s growth and to the well-being of the world at large. We also value self-awareness, candor, lunch and WiFi. If we match with you, please apply to join us.