Test Engineer Software_Hardware

Job Description / Skills Required

About the Company

Headquartered in Newark, California, Kaiam Corporation is a private company developing products based on hybrid photonic integrated circuits (PIC’s). These circuits are used in high bandwidth optical transceivers that transmit and receive multiple wavelengths of light in fiber optic networks. The company’s products are used in high-end routers and communications gear that power the backbone of datacenters or longer distance telecommunications. With R&D facilities in Newark, California, and volume production outside of Edinburgh in the UK, the company’s products are used internationally by tier 1 system integrators and data centers. Founded by leading technologists from the optical networking industry, the team has a record of delivering breakthrough approaches that change the rules of the marketplace. It is currently working with multiple partners to deliver PIC based products for various applications. For more information, visit www.kaiam.com.

About the Position

Kaiam needs to grow our Development and Manufacturing Test capability to match our high growth rate driven by the intense expansion of the world’s data centers. Kaiam is looking for a Test Engineer with a deep understanding of structured language code who can architect and build our test and data foundation. Ideally, the candidate should have experience in electro-optical testing in Telecom or Datacom fiber optic modules and/or components.

In this role you will work with a team of Development and Production engineers to provide Test Stations that can efficiently and cheaply handle the growth of requirements in all phases of Kaiam products’ lifecycles including prototyping, pilot production and volume production. Your primary responsibilities will be to architect, code and manage the software required to support the Design and Production Teams. You will also be responsible to procure and build stations to enable automated and semi-automated test of optical components and modules.

Minimum Requirements:

BS Degree in CS or > 5 years experience writing structured code in one or more of the following languages:
C#, Vb.net, Python, QT,
Worked for a minimum of 2 years in test engineering with emphasis in :
Automating multi instrument test systems
Creating Machine to Operator GUIs
Creating instrument drivers
Coding complex algorithms into a well documented, easily managed architecture
Handling data into and out of databases
Preferably the candidate will be familiar with the following:

Testing fiber optic components at the module, component, and die levels.
Creating and maintaining Test systems to perform automated tasks in Development and Production
Creating Test system architectures that enables high volume, efficient, processes that satisfies our customers’ timelines, capacities, and costs while maintaining quality and providing feedback to engineers, executives and customers.
The job is based in Newark, California.