Satellite Navigation Applications Engineer

Job Description / Skills Required

Southeast Michigan
Swift Navigation is looking for an Applications engineer to create rich customer experiences with our high-accuracy positioning products. You will be working with a small team to push the state of the art in satellite navigation technology, making high accuracy positioning ubiquitous and easy to use for automated driving and other automotive applications.

Your job will be to inspire and equip our customers with the tools and knowledge necessary to integrate our products with their platforms from a software and system perspective. You’ll work closely with our customers and engineering teams to research customer requirements, design effective tools and documentation, and help our customers integrate our products into theirs. You’ll also design and hack together creative demos to show off the capabilities of our products and to provide feedback from a user’s perspective.

Candidates should have skills and experience with:

Satellite Navigation (GNSS/GPS) and/or inertial navigation (INS) systems used for precision navigation, machine control, or robotics.
Embedded Linux and/or Buildroot and/or QNX and/or Autosar or other automotive operating systems
Embedded C and microcontrollers
Designing, documenting, and implementing user-friendly SDK's and software development ecosystems
Customer-facing sales and applications engineering
Communication (Serial, CANbus, UART, usb, ethernet, SPI, I2C)
Scripting (Python, Bash)
Strong candidates will also have skills and experience with:

Fundamentals of satellite navigation
Automotive industry and applications
Control theory, estimation, and sensor fusion as applied to autonomous systems
RTOS (FreeRTOS, ChibiOS, etc)
System testing and verification
Technical project management
Technical writing
Sales engineering
The candidate should expect to:

Provide pre and post-sales electrical, mechanical, and system integration support to customers
Contribute to mainline development with an eye towards improving the customer experience
Act as a community ambassador
Design and present compelling demos to showcase Swift Navigation product
Author and improve technical documentation and application white-papers
Collaborate with Sales, Marketing, and Engineering to deliver messages and solutions to customers.