Software Engineer – Behavioral Modeling

Job Description / Skills Required

Groupon’s Behavioral Modelling team is designing models to detect abuse based on our site’s big data.

Working as part of a small team of 5, you’ll help deliver the next iteration of our rules-based models and Machine Learning platform. You will work on an architecture that transforms data using Storm, analyzes it using Spark, and serves the resulting judgments via Java services to other internal web applications within Groupon. On a daily basis you might be writing a Scala query to find a pattern for a certain group of users in the last 6 months. Or you might be updating our build scripts to rollback based off of version rather than SHA. Or you might be writing new models in Spark that detect a cluster of activity by analyzing real-time site traffic. All the team members take turns supporting our real-time software deployment and monitoring, so everyone learns how everything works.

Being a small high-powered team, we are looking for someone with commitment and passion for writing beautiful code, and a love of data science problems. We are largely a self-driven team when it comes to architecture and design, so we need someone who is comfortable being an active contributor to discussions on the entirety of the system, not just what they are working on that day. Our software consumes data from many other teams in the organization, so it is important that you have the ability and desire to interact with other teams in an informative and respectful manner. We can bring you up to speed on Spark and Scala if you do not have prior experience, especially if this is exciting to you and you can grasp new languages and frameworks with ease. It would be nice, but not required, to see you bring to the team your experience designing high performance code, or some experience tweaking Spark jobs.

Desired Qualifications

Passion for continuous improvement and exploring new technologies

High aptitude

Strong Computer Science and Data Science fundamentals

Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Knowledge of large-scale applications, and asynchronous architectures

Proven track record of delivering results, especially in the area of writing high-performance, reliable and maintainable code

Creative problem-solving skills

Software deployment and support

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