Visual Search Engineer

Job Description / Skills Required

Vision Services engineering group is looking for a visual search engineer. In this position, you will work in a small and dynamic team to design and implement cutting edge visual search algorithms to retrieve similar images and improve quality of search results by understanding/recognizing objects in an image and relating them to user's query (text/image).

Education Details
BS/MS/PhD in computer vision / machine learning or similar.
Alternatively a comparable industry career, with significant experience in state-of-the-art computer vision, machine learning and/or image content analysis.

Key Qualifications
Solid fundamental computer vision methods and concepts, especially in the field of image content analysis, retrieving similar images.
Experience in deep learning methods especially Convolutional Neural Network (preferred)
Solid development skills in Python and/or Java.
Experience/knowledge in large scale machine learning and pattern recognition
Team player
Fast learner
Self motivated
Excellent problem solving skills
Excellent communication skills