Backend Engineer- Javascript (Typescript), Node.js

Berlin, DE

Job Description / Skills Required

We are looking for a great Backend Engineer who is committed to building user-facing products iteratively and helps the team create the infrastructure that powers Monetization at Omio.

The Role You will work in a cross-functional team with other highly skilled team members. We work in various technical domains, including data engineering, user segmentation, partner API integrations, ads as well as automation.

What you will do: 

  • Work with your team to rapidly A/B test features on users, use results for iterations and improve our product.

  • Design and build systems that connect to many micro-services & data sources and use the output to ease the life of travelers from all over the world.

  • Use state-of-the-art data and cloud technology (queues, data stores, ETL pipelines) to move around the massive data on our hands to help the team make decisions.

  • Design, build, operate, and maintain critical systems, owning reliability, performance, and availability.

  • Apply your engineering experience to automate processes and maintenance.

  • Test new languages, libraries, and frameworks and evaluate their potential.

Our technology stack is diverse and ever-changing. Examples of the technologies we currently use and you’ll be working with include

(but are by no means limited to):

  • Javascript (Typescript), Node.js, Java
  • Couchbase, BigQuery, Elastic Search

  • Kubernetes, Docker

  • Kafka, GCP Pub/Sub

  • Graphite, Grafana, Kibana

You are:

  • Customer focused: You have a passion for building intuitive and scalable products that enhance our analytical capabilities and drill down to what works best for our customers.

  • Experienced and educated: You have a degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience and worked multiple years (3+ years) with production systems of high availability and high traffic.

  • Up to code: You have experience in software development, you write clean, lean, effective code in multiple languages, all version controlled. You pick the right tool for the job and are not limited to a single paradigm or language.

  • Pragmatic: You and your team take on complex multi-domain problems, analyze, design, build modular solutions, and deliver end-to-end in an MVP, value-first and iterative approach.

  • An automator: You remove repetition and snowflakes through scripting and automation tools. You have deployed, monitored, and supported applications across stacks and technologies.

  • You think big: A small, innocent application can always grow. You have ideas on how to distribute a system so that it can work at scale.

  • A team player: You guide and help your teammates with planning and delivering high quality software and also take on communication across teams.

What’s in it for you? #LifeatOmio

Omio encourage you to apply even if you’re still developing some of these skills! We value diversity and welcome all applicants regardless of ethnicity, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, age or disability.