Concrete Materials Specialist

Richmond, CA, US

Job Description / Skills Required

Our Company

AICrete is a venture-backed startup focused on unlocking automation and machine learning in the concrete and construction industry. Our innovative “concrete mixture and testing-as-a-service” model combines data, automation, and cutting-edge machine learning with a firm understanding of concrete materials science to enable concrete producers and contractors to make cost-effective, durable, and sustainable concrete mixes quickly, efficiently, and with minimal risk. Our mission is to make concrete mixture design and testing fast, cheap, and environmentally-friendly.

Role Summary

We are looking for a Concrete Materials Specialist to manage and improve operations at a high throughput concrete laboratory. You will be responsible for hiring lab technicians, managing their work, and ensuring high quality data generation, collection, and application. You will be in charge of conducting and overseeing special and proprietary experiments as well as data analysis and interpretation. You should be a team player and have a creative, collaborative, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Will be overseeing the materials team and the work of all lab technicians
  • Develop plans for seamless lab operations and experimentations
  • Hire, manage, train, and retain an all-start team of lab technicians
  • Evaluate and implement best-in-class tools and equipment to continue to evolve our lab and R&D operations
  • Define and create a set of lab experiments and projects based on customer needs
  • Collaborate closely with the technology team for data collection, expansion, monitoring, analysis, modeling, and maintenance
  • Coordinate and manage field data collection, monitoring, and analysis by working closely with our customers
  • Work with the sales team to manage customer expectations and contribute to a high level of customer satisfaction
  • Work closely with the automation team for developing and testing automated systems for mixing and testing
  • Stay up-to-date with concrete materials domain knowledge and development of new technologies and materials


  • 5+ years of experience in concrete operations, R&D, and experimentations
  • Strong knowledge of concrete materials with practical experience
  • Familiarity with standards, guides, and codes (ACI, ASTM, PCA, etc.)
  • Deep understanding of concrete raw material testing and characterization (e.g. particle size distribution, mineral phase and chemical composition analysis, Blaine, etc.)
  • Strong knowledge of testing fresh and hardened properties of concrete (e.g. flowability, air content, setting time, shrinkage, durability, compressive and tensile strengths, modulus of elasticity, etc.)
  • Act with integrity, keep commitment, and practice transparency
  • Excellent communication, leadership, and teamwork skills
  • Great attention to details
  • Organizational skills
  • An analytical mind
  • Motivated by achieving targets and willing to learn and get results
  • Master's degree or PhD in civil engineering with a focus in concrete materials and composites or equivalent experience

Additional Qualifications

  • Knowledge of concrete mixture GWP CO2 equivalent calculations and life cycle analysis
  • Membership in ASTM, PCA, or ACI Committees
  • Familiarity with writing, editing, and publishing journal articles


  • Health insurance (medical, dental, vision, and life)
  • Equity in a fast-growing startup
  • Paid time off