Senior Software Engineer C++ (Desktop)

Paris, FR

Job Description / Skills Required

Job Title: Senior Software Engineer C++ (Desktop)


In Office (Office Location) – This role requires in office work 3-5 days/week

Senior Software Engineer C++ (Desktop)

The Role

GoPro delivers a set of world-class, cross platform, video editing applications on iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows that are collectively used by millions of people each month. These tools enable users to easily build incredible videos of their life events and share them with their family and friends.

The Video Engine team provides the cross-platform engine that power each of the GoPro applications. Those tools assemble, filter and create video edits from a variety of user's media. Being part of this team means that you will be at the center of the action, working with artists to create the best video editing experience on mobile and desktop platforms.

What You Will Do

As a senior Software engineer, you will play a leadership role in the team and contribute to the following topics:

  • Cross platform APIs: We develop cross platform (mobile and desktop) APIs for use across the GoPro stack. Those include media analysis, testing infrastructure and various tools and libraries (logging, file management, media playback, …).
  • Video editing features: We build advanced features on top of our cross platform engine that provides real-time playback and export of complex scenes and video edits for all kind of media (high framerate, spherical, etc ..)
  • Audio Engine: An advanced audio engine with multiple effects (mixing, ducking, dynamic compression, …) that provides real-time, sample-exact playback audio on all platforms.
  • Development tools: We are engaged in improving the quality of our tests coverage and in building development tools that enhanced the team productivity.

Skills We’re Stoked About

Candidates for this role should be proficient in

  • Cross-platform development experience: Windows and at least 1 Unix platform
    (Linux or macOS)
  • C++, C
  • Understanding, refactoring and designing large architectures
  • Build systems (Make, CMake, Meson, MSVC toolchain, etc.)

Bonus Points For

  • Media processing: sound, image, video
  • Kotlin or Swift for mobile development
  • Python
  • Experience in 3D rendering (DirectX, Vulkan, Metal, OpenGL)
  • Experience with FFmpeg / video formats

GoPro Highlights

  • Live it. Eat it. Love it. – Two dedicated hours during your week to explore your passions and capture it with your GoPro
  • Get your very own GoPro (Mounts and accessories included)
  • Subsidized lunch
  • Gym fee compensation
  • Transit benefit – 50% of the applicable public transportation pass
  • Excellent healthcare insurance coverage (Health-premium paid for 70% by GoPro)
  • Discounted employee stock purchase plan.

We strive for the day that no group can be described as underrepresented at GoPro – whether as part of our brand or in our workforce. We are committed to providing a more inclusive, representative, equal, just and happy world. GoPro is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.