Store Manager – Casantro (CAS01519)

Bangalore, IN

Job Description / Skills Required

Reporting to the Casantro Head, Store Manager will implement retail processes putting the customer first approach, partnering with teams across the business to deliver wow & amp; memorable retail customer experiences, thereby establishing Casantro as a leader in offline retail.
  • Exploring the underlying reasons for recurring customer problems and also going the extra mile to find the solutions for the same.
  • Conversion of customers: Delivering Casantro concept brief and onboarding.
  • Team management: Performance, training, attrition, feedback, etc. 
  • Running and monitoring processes to ensure customer experience.
  • Adherence to day in and day out operations and updating it on the platform regularly.
  • Raise request/ allocate designer to all visitors.
  • Follow the criteria and script defined for qualification of the lead to proceed for designer interaction.
  • Store / asset maintenance: Monitoring the condition of the Store for all items.
  • Ensuring that the Store is presentable and well maintained at all times.
  • Running and monitoring processes for liquidation.
  • Data Management: Running and monitoring processes for Data Collection on footfalls/walk-ins.
  • Ensure Swatch library is maintained.
  • Events Running and monitoring events and activations, driving marketing initiatives.
  • Store Process maintenance – Create SOP on Store related processes with a stylist.
  • Ensure adherence to relevant SOPs – Checklist as per Stylist to be managed and maintained.
  • Managing visual merchandise of store and ensuring looks are refreshed periodically.
  • Adhere to Visual Merchandise guidelines circulated.
  • Maintaining awareness of market trends in the retail industry, understanding forthcoming customer initiatives and monitoring what local competitors are doing Participating in the various promotional activities in order to increase the footfall of the customers in Casantro Stores.
  • Providing effective on-the-job training and guidance to team members by making use of company training modules.
  • Delivering clear, motivating and constructive feedback in a timely manner to all retail team members.
  • Working in tandem with the Product, Design and other cross-functional teams.
Job Requirement
  • Graduation or equivalent | 15 years of Academic education.
  • 4 to 7  years of work experience committed to Customer Satisfaction and driving exemplary customer experience. 
  • Always putting the customers’ needs first thereby driving the Google reviews of the Casantro Stores.
  • Enthusiastically conveying a commitment towards providing unsurpassed Customer Service and ensuring that the Casantro team is also abiding by keeping Customer Satisfaction as the primary objective of the Casantro Stores.
  • Good communication, voucabulary and though flow.