Team Lead-Electrical & Controls Engineering

Bangalore, IN

Job Description / Skills Required

  1. Lead electrical and controls engineering teams
  2. Architecting electrical and control systems for assembly automation and warehouse automation solutions
  3. Assist the team in component selection, robots, communication network topologies, data converters, power, and instruments, cables, and panel accessories
  4. Develop control systems for automated systems, not limited to;
    1. programming of PLC’s, 
    2. Servo programming, 
    3. Programming Robots and Vision Systems
    4. Integrate AGV,
    5. Program Linear Motors, etc.
    6. Develop human-machine interfaces (HMI) application
  5. Work with mechanical leads from both design and application engineering to ensure the performance of control systems of high reliability and functional match
  6. Install, debug, and commissioning the controls systems at onsite
  7. Incorporate IIOT requirements into the controls architecture
  8. Knowledge of IIOT protocols and implementation.
  9. Provide detailed documentation (Controls Philosophy, Description of Operation, Risk Assessment, User Manual, FAT, SAT, etc.,
  10. Be a change-maker in developing processes, implementing them, and improving the team’s efficiency.
  11. Develop reusable function blocks and standardize them.
  12. Have good experience in and knowledge of software development process, software languages, and testing methodologies.
  13. Have significant experience in developing electrical systems and panels and software used to create schematics.
  14. Will be the approver of all electrical and controls drawings deliverables.
  15. Have experience in UL and CE standards and requirements towards implementing the same in the electrical and controls designs.
  16. Have experience in doing safety audits from NFPA 79 perspective.
  17. Have experience in designing electrical systems using UL508A standards.
  18. Have good knowledge of automation/controls/electrical vendor eco-system available in India.
  19. Reports to COO.


  1. B.E (Electrical and Electronics) with 7 to 9 years of experience
  2. M.E or (electrical, electronics, applied electronics) with 5 to 7 years of experience
  3. Any certifications towards automation systems and software is a plus


Job Type: EngineeringFull Time
Job Location: Bangalore