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    We only invest in Series Seed and Series A.

    Where is your company headquarters?

    We are only interested in companies in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Who do you intend to sell to?

    We are extremely knowledgeable about how to succeed selling to business.
    While there are exceptions, we’re less likely to invest in a B2C company.

    What is the market you will sell into?

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    Most markets are a good fit for us. We don’t invest in
    Bio-pharma applications and use cases that require FDA approval.

    Who do we know in common?

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    If you know someone that we know,
    the chances of us engaging with you go way up.
    If we don’t share any connections of any kind, it requires more
    work for us to evaluate each other and the process bogs down.
    We encourage you to find mutual connections!

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    Please provide a one-line description of your company.
    What is the problem being solved? Why does your company exist?

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    What market segments are you targeting, and why?
    If you are targeting multiple market segments, which are you going after first?
    What are the titles of your buyers?
    Have you made any progress with any customers? If so, provide details.


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    Exactly how are you going to sell your solution?
    What is the process? Who will be involved?
    How will you bring in revenue? What are your early forecasts?


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    What is the technology and/or business model innovation you are creating?
    How does it work?
    Describe how far along you are regarding your product.


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    Every company has competition.
    Who are the key players in this space?
    How are you different in a sustainable way?


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    If you have current investors, who are they?
    How much have you raised?
    How much are you looking to raise?
    What is your estimated valuation of your company today?


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    Who are the key team members?
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