At Clear Ventures, we are dedicated to the success of the companies we back. Our deep experience in founding companies enables us to help our companies through the critical early stages of growth—and build momentum for the future.  On this page, we provide access to the resources—podcasts, thought leadership, videos, and events—that can help companies on this journey.

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Pictures from the Clear Launch Party

Here an album from the Clear Launch Party. Can you find yourself in here? If not you, [...]
01/04/2017 Read More

How I handle long email delays

If I had to guess, you spend too much time on email. Here’s a little humor [...]
09/19/2016 Read More

Release notes that get people excited

Sure, you may not have THAT many customers yet. But you will (we know you will). [...]
09/19/2016 Read More

5 ways artificial intelligence will change enterprise IT

Quick summary: Enterprise IT is fertile ground for AI. Here are 5 examples: Predicting software failures [...]
09/19/2016 Read More

JavaScript has found a true home on the desktop

While there are some disadvantages, this approach is taking off for many developers.
09/19/2016 Read More

Industry Reactions to Shadow Brokers Leak: Feedback Friday   >

A group calling itself Shadow Brokers has leaked many exploits, implants and other tools allegedly stolen [...]
08/29/2016 Read More

Application-Defined Data Center – The Next Stop in Datacenter Evolution

Application-Defined Data Center: The Next Stop in Datacenter Evolution Jay Lyman, Principal Analyst, Cloud Management & [...]
08/25/2016 Read More

Linux Containers – A comparison of LXC and Docker

While BSD jails has focused on IT Operations, Docker has focused on development and test organizations. [...]
08/25/2016 Read More

Leaders of Award Winning Start-Ups Talk About Their Companies

Katrine Bosley, CEO of Editas Medicine and Steve Fredette, President of Toast, join Jody Rose, Executive [...]
08/24/2016 Read More
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