Blockchain Programming Class

We hosted a Blockchain Programming class, taught by Jim Steele, author of “Blockchain Applications and Smart Contracts: Developing with Ethereum and Solidity”.

You might ask yourself: is Blockchain development relevant to me and my team? Here’s how to think about that.

Blockchain, which powers many, many systems other than cryptocurrencies, has all the ingredients to revolutionize how we transact and interact. The technology has gone through the hype cycle this past year, leaving even strong supporters a bit jaded. Yet in the midst of this, large companies are making significant investment in blockchain projects such as:

  • Alibaba is using blockchain in 100+ hospitals
  • AWS has launched Amazon Managed Blockchain
  • Oracle is adding supply chain blockchain services
  • Baidu is experimenting with an IP management blockchain
  • Visa and Docusign created a blockchain POC for car buying
  • Cisco is creating a blockchain sandbox for developers
  • Facebook launched a new team for exploring blockchains and DLTs
  • Google is developing blockchain as a service
  • Walmart, IBM and many others band together for a blockchain POC
  • Microsoft launched a cloud-based Azure blockchain development kit

As with any new compute paradigm, developers that stay ahead of the trend best capitalize on the use-cases. Jim discussed why developers should learn about blockchain now and how the core concepts can potentially benefit their business.

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