At Clear Ventures, we are dedicated to the success of the companies we back. Our deep experience in founding companies enables us to help our companies through the critical early stages of growth—and build momentum for the future.  On this page, we provide access to the resources—podcasts, thought leadership, videos, and events—that can help companies on this journey.

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Traditional RPA — A Wasted Effort? Why We Invested in Kognitos

Generative AI for Automation: Meet Kognitos, the AI-powered solution that is changing the game for businesses [...]
04/10/2023 Read More

Silicon Valley Bank – Information Center

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank is a major disruption to the global innovation economy. As [...]
03/13/2023 Read More

Movement Reimagined: Why We Invested in Spyn

The global online fitness market size was valued at more than $7 billion in 2022, estimated [...]
03/08/2023 Read More

Binny Gill, Founder and CEO of Kognitos, discusses how LLMs like ChatGPT are making us all programmers

This conversation with Kognitos Founder, Binny Gill, on AI and the Future of Work podcast covers [...]
02/10/2023 Read More

Leadership Masterclass: Startups & Venture Funding with Rajeev Madhavan

Founder and General Partner, Rajeev Madhavan, joined Subha Shrinivasan, VP of Customer Success at Rakuten, to [...]
01/26/2023 Read More

Why We Invested in Frore Systems? Making Moore’s Law Scale!

The meeting with Seshu Madhavapeddy and Surya Ganti started with me telling them, “We’re staying away [...]
01/03/2023 Read More

Traits of Founding Teams That Win — An IT VC’s perspective

I am often asked why some startups succeed in a world where most fail. Conventional wisdom [...]
11/04/2022 Read More

How digital twin technology can bridge America’s chip manufacturing gap

By using A.I. and real-time digital counterparts of physical processes, U.S. chipmakers can catch up with [...]
11/02/2022 Read More

AI and Concrete: A Powerful Mix

At CLEAR Ventures, we are excited to announce our investment in AICrete, the company that aims [...]
10/14/2022 Read More
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