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PLUMgrid is pioneering new innovations in virtual networking and SDN/NFV to deliver cloud infrastructure solutions.  PLUMGrid provides secure and scalable virtual network infrastructure software for OpenStack clouds.

  • Founded: 2011
  • Round Partnered: Seed
  • Fund: Prior Art
  • Clear Partner(s): Chris Rust
  • Status: Acquired
  • Acquirer: Vmware (VMW)
It has always been a pleasure to work with Chris. From the moment we presented PLUMgrid's ideas to him, it was clear that he put a lot of effort into understanding the Networking/SDN space. He went deep into the technology fundamentals of what we were trying to do and developed a very clear view on how we would disrupt the industry. Since then he became part of the team with all his help, advise and contributions. He was instrumental in helping PLUMgrid become what it is now, we would not have been able to start without his help, thoughts, and early understanding of PLUMgrid's vision.
Pere Monclus, Founder & CTO


  • Spence Green


  • Samantha Reiss

    Head of Services

  • John DeNero

    Chief Scientist

  • Paula Shannon

    Chief Evangelist

  • Cassie McGruder

    Head of Finance

  • Omar Orqueda

    Head of Engineering

  • Ashwin Purohit

    Head of Technical Operations

  • Sylvia Borek

    Head of Revenue, AMER

  • Larry Gloss

    VP of Public Sector

  • Matt Mores

    Head of Revenue, EMEA

  • Alice Lulka

    Head of People


The 4 companies our team co-founded produced over $1.7 billion of market cap from 2 IPOs and 2 acquisitions

The 50+ early-stage companies we funded produced over $52 billion of market cap from 34 exits, with 8 going from seed/series A to IPO, 24 acquisitions

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