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Reflektion has pioneered “Algorithmic Commerce”, also called “customer experience management for individualized commerce”, a predictive analytics platform built around capturing, analyzing and responding to each individual shopper’s preferences and intent in real time. A powerful machine learning platform that operates at Internet-scale is at the heart of the Reflektion offering.

  • Founded: 2012
  • Round Partnered: Series B
  • Year Partnered: 2012
  • Fund: Clear Ventures
  • Clear Partner(s): Rajeev Madhavan, Chris Rust
  • Status: Acquired
When you work with Clear, you are entering into a partnership. It's your company, but you have a partner who will work closely with you to make your company very successful. They continually help us in all areas including follow-on financing, sales, closing key hires, product strategy, management issues, etc. And when they don’t know how to help you, they introduce you to someone who will. They are deeply committed to our success.
Amar Chokhawala, Founder & CTO

Results Matter, Success Counts

Four of the companies our team co-founded produced over $1.7 billion of market cap from 2 IPOs and 2 acquisitions.

The Clear investment team has funded over 70 companies, 90% as the first investors, and has had 54 exits valued at a $85 billion market cap.

Before we became VCs, we had already founded 5 successful companies.

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