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Telera provided a software platform for advanced voice applications. The company’s flagship Voice Web Application Platform enabled both wireline and wireless service providers to deliver advanced, business-centric voice applications.

  • Founded: 1998
  • Round Partnered: Series A
  • Year Partnered: 1998
  • Fund: Prior Investments
  • Clear Partner(s): Chris Rust
  • Status: Acquired
  • Year Acquired: 2002
  • Acquirer: Alcatel (ALU)
  • Acquisition Price: $ 136,000,000
I first met Chris when he worked at Sequoia Capital at the time we pitched our project (Telera) to them. During a period of frenetic VC activity (1998), Chris understood very quickly what we were about, due in part to his deep background in telecom, but largely due to his acuity. He was an excellent sounding board for our ideas during the early days of the venture, and brought significant value through contacts in the Telco industry, with one of whom we created a profitable business partnership. Having been in a telecom startup himself, he had the all round background to help us navigate the business climates that we encountered till 2002. I have kept in touch with Chris and would certainly welcome an opportunity to be associated with him.
Mukesh Sundaram, Founder & VP Engineering

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Four of the companies our team co-founded produced over $1.7 billion of market cap from 2 IPOs and 2 acquisitions.

We have funded over 90 companies, 90% as the first investors, and have had 48 exits valued at $95B from 11 IPOs, and 37 acquisitions.

Before we became VCs, we had already founded 5 successful companies.

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