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Ajay Gulati spent many years at VMware working on virtualization technologies that powered a decade of efficiency gains in IT infrastructure. He distinguished his technical acumen with the largest number of patent filings of any employee in VMWare’s illustrious history. Kirin Bondapali gained significant computer architecture and data center infrastructure expertise at SUN Microsystems. Long-time friends from undergraduate school, Ajay and Kirin both saw the aggressive growth of public clouds like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, but knew that many enterprise workloads would need to be run in private clouds to meet security, performance, and compliance requirements. They both wanted to make the benefits of private clouds available to any company, irrespective of size or in-house IT operations management expertise.

In 2015, they founded ZeroStack to bring “cloud-managed IT” infrastructure to the very cloud itself by building the world’s first cloud-managed OpenStack solution on-demand for private clouds. They pioneered the first two-tier cloud-managed private cloud architecture, and by doing so, enabled any customer to have ZeroStack create and manage all aspects of a private cloud on ther behalf.

  • Founded: 2014
  • Round Partnered: Series A
  • Year Partnered: 2014
  • Fund: Prior Art
  • Clear Partner(s): Rajeev Madhavan
  • Status: Active


  • Spence Green


  • Samantha Reiss

    Head of Services

  • John DeNero

    Chief Scientist

  • Paula Shannon

    Chief Evangelist

  • Cassie McGruder

    Head of Finance

  • Omar Orqueda

    Head of Engineering

  • Ashwin Purohit

    Head of Technical Operations

  • Sylvia Borek

    Head of Revenue, AMER

  • Larry Gloss

    VP of Public Sector

  • Matt Mores

    Head of Revenue, EMEA

  • Alice Lulka

    Head of People


The 4 companies our team co-founded produced over $1.7 billion of market cap from 2 IPOs and 2 acquisitions

The 50+ early-stage companies we funded produced over $52 billion of market cap from 34 exits, with 8 going from seed/series A to IPO, 24 acquisitions

Some of our greatest learnings and closest personal partnerships have come from our losses

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