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Katana Graph

Katana Graph

Developer of a graph intelligence platform designed to offer graph processing, AI, and analytics. The company’s platform combines software algorithms, hardware technologies to offer multiple orders of magnitude performance improvements to a graph database, graph analytics, graph mining, and graph AI workloads, enabling clients to work with irregular and unstructured data at an increased scale and efficiency.

  • Round Partnered: Series A
  • Fund: Prior Investments
  • Clear Partner(s): Vijay Reddy
  • Status: Active

Results Matter, Success Counts

Four of the companies our team co-founded produced over $1.7 billion of market cap from 2 IPOs and 2 acquisitions.

We have funded over 90 companies, 90% as the first investors, and have had 48 exits valued at $93B from 11 IPOs, and 37 acquisitions.

Before we became VCs, we had already founded 5 successful companies.

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