Good news about COVID-19 testing and the Stimulus Bill

Did you see the new Abbott Labs 5 minutes tester – it is basically their strep throat tester modified – they can make 10K units every day. If this works as advertised, testing for CoronaVirus is going to be  solved!!!!

Imagine if China had told the world early enough – these testers would’ve been ready earlier and the world could’ve had all passengers take a 5 minute test before boarding a flight (like TSA – CoronaVirus checked) to USA or any place!!  We could have limited the virus to Wuhan – at least fewer locations. Get ready to take a test before you board a flight!

Now for Ventilators – it is also a solvable problem – since only few among the infected people seem to need them, the amount of ventilators required even assuming 30-50% of Americans will get Covid-19 (not all Americans  will get it simultaneously) is actually not very big. There are several new low cost designs evolving and I am confident that with a conscious effort, this can also be fixed.

Then the tougher job starts – anti-viral drugs and vaccines  –The best piece of info last week was that Covid-19 virus does not mutate much which means it is easier to get a vaccine – There are nearly 30 vaccines headed for trial. Overall, as a species will survive!

The economic Issue however is going to require a lot of help – to discuss this, I am moderating a session with US Congressman Ro Khanna. He will answer your questions on whether your startup qualifies for help from the stimulus bill.


Rajeev Madhavan, General Partner, Clear Ventures

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