Marketing Linguists | Multiple languages


Job Description / Skills Required

What you'll do:


Lilt is looking for freelance translators to work on marketing projects for our clients. The main field of the project is Marketing and Transcreation content.This is a remote, freelance position. If interested in joining the Lilt team, please apply with the English-language version of your Resume/C.V.


Languages we're looking for at the moment:

  • Afrikaans (South Africa)

  • Albanian (Albania)

  • Armenian (Armenia)

  • Assamese (India)

  • Azerbaijani (Azerbaijan)

  • Basque (Spain)

  • Bengali (Bangladesh)

  • Burmese (Myanmar)

  • Cebuano (Philippines)

  • Estonian (Estonia)

  • Farsi (Iran)

  • Fula (Senegal)

  • Galician (Spain)

  • Georgian (Georgia)

  • Gujarati (India)

  • Hausa (Nigeria)

  • Igbo (Nigeria)

  • Javanese (Indonesia)

  • Kannada (India)

  • Kazakh (Kazakhstan)

  • Khmer (Cambodia)

  • Kurdish (Turkey)

  • Kyrgyz (Kyrgyzstan)

  • Latvian (Latvia)

  • Macedonian (Macedonia)

  • Maithili (India)

  • Malagasy (Madagascar)

  • Malayalam (India)

  • Marathi (India)

  • Mongolian (Mongolia)

  • Nepali (Nepal)

  • Oromo (Ethiopia)

  • Punjabi (India)

  • Punjabi (Pakistan)

  • Shona (Zimbabwe)

  • Sindhi (India)

  • Sinhala (Sri Lanka)

  • Somali (Somalia)

  • Sundanese (Indonesia)

  • Swahili (Kenya)

  • Tagalog (Philippines)

  • Tamil (India)

  • Telugu (India)

  • Urdu (Pakistan)

  • Uzbek (Uzbekistan)

  • Welsh (Wales)

  • Wolof (Senegal)

  • Xhosa (South Africa)

  • Yoruba (Nigeria)

  • Zulu (South Africa)


Who we are


Lilt is a language translation services and technology company. We're building the next generation of localization, making it possible for every organization to communicate with their customers in the language of their choice through Lilt's high-quality, scalable, and affordable translation services.


We recruit the world's best human translators and equip them with our software, allowing them to translate better and faster than ever. By combining human expertise and machine efficiency in a complete enterprise localization solution, we can deliver technology-enabled translation services to our customers.


Lilt is backed by some of the world's leading investors including Sequoia Capital, Intel Capital, and Redpoint. Our customers include some of the largest Fortune 500 companies in the world who rely on Lilt every day to provide more personal customer experiences in 300+ languages.