Aman K

Founder at Mirage

    Meet Aman. ?

    Aman Kishore always asks himself “how much impact can I make?” and that question has guided his work on Autonomous Vehicles at NVIDIA to launching his start-up Mirage. We are glad to have Aman in our inaugural CLEAR Ventures DeepTech Fellowship. 

    Aman saw his work on Autonomous Vehicle Perception at NVIDIA as a chance to save hundreds of thousands of human lives each year. Aman helped grow the synthetic data NVIDIA team from 3 to 8 people to help improve AV. But he couldn’t ignore the severe limitations he was witnessing with the computer vision data pipeline. 

    He saw the bottleneck that perception engineers were constantly facing because of the time it takes to make real progress on computer vision applications. “If the quality of the data isn’t high, the model will not improve. It’s a huge challenge to fill in failures and edge cases to improve models.” Aman wanted to solve this problem to move the industry forward faster. *Enter Mirage.* 

    Aman’s main vision with Mirage is to accelerate the development of groundbreaking technologies by speeding up the data pipeline. The platform supplements weak points in synthetic data automatically so months of effort from an engineer is virtually removed. “The direct impact is that robotics, autonomous vehicles, AR, VR, drones, and other technologies can actually come to market. It feels like no end is in sight for these technologies because iterations are so slow. With Mirage, you can accelerate these applications.” 

    From the CLEAR team, congratulations on launching Mirage! 

    CLEAR Fellowship Reflection

    “This Fellowship reinforces entrepreneurship. Being a first time founder is challenging because there’s so much you don’t know. You have to jump off the cliff. This didn’t feel so daunting because CLEAR is DeepTech focused so they can provide hands-on help with what I’m building and working on. And the introductions to other founders and VCs have been extremely valuable.”  

     Advice from Aman 

    “Be shameless in your networking. Meet as many people as possible and help others because you never know what help you’ll need in the future.”