Asim H

Founder at AccessBell

    Meet Asim. ?

    Asim Hirji, one of our DeepTech Fellows, has been part of a successful exit as a Founding Engineer and may have his own start-up in the works. 

    “There were always ups and downs when getting started on AccessBell. It was like raising a baby,” Asim says of his first start-up experience. Asim assisted in building their B2B integrated video software – a solution built to bolster telemedicine and remote healthcare services. Having a front row seat from beginning to exit at this successful start-up inspired entrepreneurship in Asim. “I’m more ingrained in entrepreneurship now. I used to be very corporate and software focused. For now, I am maintaining strong relationships in Silicon Valley and will see where it takes me.” 

    Asim just finished his Masters in Computer Science at Georgia Tech and has an impressive engineering resume. 

    CLEAR Fellowship Reflection

    “I’ve been able to talk through strategy, get help reaching out to firms for fundraising, and gain access to a supportive group through this Fellowship. It’s been very eye-opening looking at DeepTech through the VC lens versus the engineer or founder perspective.” 

    Advice from Asim 

    “You’ll hear no a lot more than you’ll hear yes. Don’t get let down by that.”