Jiaming S

Research Scientist at NVIDIA

    Meet Jiaming. ?

    Jiaming Song’s interest in DeepTech was sparked by a Machine Learning advisor at Duke who introduced him to ML research opportunities. Now Jiaming is an ML/AI research scientist at NVIDIA, has a PhD in Computer Science from Stanford, and is part of our CLEAR Ventures DeepTech Fellowship. 

    Jiaming has over 45 publications under his belt and has experience in various ML/AI research projects – from positions at Microsoft Asia, Facebook, Duke, and postdoctoral at Stanford. 

    The DeepTech topics that Fellows are presenting to the group, such as AI safety, have inspired new research ideas for Jiaming. “At NVIDIA, I have a lot more resources at my disposal to execute research, think of experiments, and actually implement those ideas.” 

    CLEAR Fellowship Reflection

    While Jiaming has clear expertise in ML/AI research, he wanted to learn more about what was happening in DeepTech outside of his research area. “This diverse network of Fellows has opened me up to VCs, and startups, and made me think about my career development long-term.”  

    Advice from Jiaming 

    “Get your hands dirty. Hands-on experience is invaluable.”