Kevin L

AI Resident at FAIR

    Meet Kevin. ?

    Kevin Lu has had a fascination with AI since high school so it’s no surprise that he now is an AI resident at Meta and is beginning his PhD studies in Robotics and Decision-Making at Stanford this fall. It has been a pleasure having Kevin in our inaugural class of DeepTech Fellows. 

    Kevin combines his AI knowledge with his engineering sense in his role at Meta. “There is so much creation in this field. It excites me how much we can accomplish with DeepLearning.” 

    Come fall, Kevin commences his PhD studies and is excited to explore DeepLearning topics and ideas (with freedom and depth!). “This is going to be a great opportunity to learn new things and work more long-term on projects.”   

    CLEAR Fellowship Reflection

    “The CLEAR Fellowship is teaching me to be prepared for opportunities and capitalize on them. It’s been a pleasure meeting like-minded people and getting an inside look at Venture Capital.” 

    Advice from Kevin

    “There are so many resources out there now. If you’re interested in the AI space, this is a great time to self-study online to get a foot in the door. I self-studied code and the basics of AI in high school and was able to improve on these skills with formal education and research mentors.”