Matt Herich

Fullstack Software Engineer

Matt has an entrepreneurial spirit and started his first business in high school repairing video game consoles and mobile phones. He continued this small side hustle into his Mechanical Engineering studies at UC Berkeley where he discovered the power of coding and decided to pursue a career in software engineering.

While learning the basics of web development, he met an industry veteran specializing in lead generation and SEO who he would go on to start a new venture with. They worked together to build Business Optimizer, a digital agency providing small businesses with tools and technologies to generate more leads online.

In 2019, Matt’s software engineering skillset was sharpened at YC-backed coding boot camp BloomTech (formerly Lambda School). Before joining Clear Ventures, he developed software for real estate investors and became versed in the world of private money lending.

As a lifelong learner, Matt is always exploring new areas of interest and expanding his knowledge. When he’s not working or studying, he enjoys swimming, snowboarding, solving puzzles, and DIY projects.