Nkechi I

Early Stage Investor at 24VC

    Meet Nkechi. ?

    Nkechi Iregbulem is an early stage investor at 24VC with an impressive portfolio of companies such as Resourcely, Kasheesh, and 15+ others. We’ve enjoyed bringing Nkechi into the DeepTech space from her Fintech background in the CLEAR Ventures Fellowship. 

    While Nkechi has always been deeply immersed in Fintech, the explosion of Web3 sparked her interest in the DeepTech space. From an investor perspective, she’s learned through the Fellowship that it takes a long time to get ML into production so companies that accelerate the productivity of ML models are very compelling to her. “This has opened the doors for me to invest more into DeepTech.” 

    CLEAR Fellowship Reflection

    “I’ve used this opportunity to learn about topics such as AI and ML that I didn’t have much familiarity with. If I wanted to invest in DeepTech, I now know what questions to ask founders. It’s so important to be knowledgeable, ask the right questions, and not take everything that founders say at face value in order to make smart investments.” 

    Advice from Nkechi 

    “Be open to learning and be a student of life.”