Sunwoo L

Founder at Cro-Matic

    Meet Sunwoo. ?

    Sunwoo Lee has been busy in her Co-Founder role at Cromatic while participating in the CLEAR Ventures DeepTech Fellowship. Sunwoo has recently announced that Cromatic raised $1M in their pre-seed round (congratulations!). 

    Prior to founding Cromatic, Sunwoo had internships at two early-stage B2B startups while pursuing her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree at Stanford. “I enjoy the early startup space because of how much impact you can have on the company, the product, the branding, etc. My voice matters when I’m on a small startup team and that matters to me.” During her senior year, she had her first co-founder experience, and while this startup didn’t stick it taught her the thrill and pace of the startup space and what it took to be a founder. 

    Sunwoo and a Stanford PhD friend came together to start Cromatic three months ago and soon after convinced another classmate to serve as their CTO. “All of our backgrounds blended nicely to make this solution. The problem we are trying to solve deserved each of our expertise – in bio, AI, and SaaS.” Cromatic’s mission is to make meaningful research possible without physical labs. “With the virtualization of life-sciences research, outsourcing R&D has become more important than ever. But innovation in the space has been slow—scientists still face significant challenges finding and working with outsourcing partners that detract from the science.” 

    CLEAR Fellowship Reflection 

    “Chris Rust’s seminar to the Fellows about hiring and recruiting couldn’t have come at a more opportune time. It was exactly what I needed because we were hiring at Cromatic. He gave great advice and insights about hiring the right talent to help your startup grow.” 

    Advice from Sunwoo

    “The team is always going to be stronger than the individual so you need to find the right co-founder, the right team, and unlock everyone’s potential. They are going to be the reason you are excited and inspired to work hard.”