Zachary Poley

Chief Technology Officer

Zach Poley is Chief Technology Officer at Clear, where he focuses on developing tools and technology that help Clear and our portfolio companies succeed by using data to drive increased access to talent, customers, and follow-on financing.

Zach’s operational expertise is building information technology and data systems from the ground up, including cloud native infrastructure, data science and machine learning algorithms and pipelines, and web servers and client facing products.

Prior to joining Clear in 2020 Zach spent 15 years building software with startups and large companies.

Zach co-founded and served as Chief Technology Officer at Paysa where he built a platform to help job seekers optimize their careers. He also led teams in engineering and product management roles at Walmart Labs where he helped develop Walmart’s first personalized digital to physical Marketing and Advertising Platform, WMX.

Zach earned a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and has continued to learn all he can about computers, technology and building strong engineering teams ever since.

When Zach is not working he can be found with his wife and dog, working on various projects, reading, or enjoying the outdoors.