Traditional RPA — A Wasted Effort? Why We Invested in Kognitos

Generative AI for Automation: Meet Kognitos, the AI-powered solution that is changing the game for businesses looking to automate their back-office processes.

We see Kognitos as a cutting-edge solution for businesses struggling with traditional RPA tools. Kognitos eliminates the need for IT staff time to manage “bots,” removes the fear of automation failure, and allows businesses to automate processes that were traditionally unfit to automate based on RPA best practices. By leveraging natural language processing, Kognitos makes it easy for businesses to automate even the most complex tasks in plain English (yes, plain English…no coding is necessary). With Kognitos, businesses can finally shift their focus to higher-value human work, without worrying about the cost and complexities involved in RPA projects.

Learn more about why we’re backing Kognitos here.

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