“Introductions Clear has made have led to trusted advisors, colleagues, and partners in every department, from legal to engineering to follow-on investors.”
Philipp Meyer-Schmeling, CEO, Noa Technologies

The Clear Team is dedicated to the success of the companies we back. Our deep experience in founding companies enables us to help our companies through those critical early stages of growth. On this page, we will expose you to some resources to help you on your journey.

Clear Portfolio Companies click here for detailed resources to help you grow. These resources include Best Practice documents and templates, and our recommendations for proven resources in the following categories:

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  • IT and Infrastructure
  • Real Estate
  • Recruiters
  • Finance
  • Banking
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  • Sales Consulting

Clear Disruptors Event – Cisco CTO Lew Tucker

As part of our speaker series called Clear Disruptors, Cisco CTO Lew Tucker spoke to a full room of entrepreneurs and disruptors on the topic of “Looking Around Corners – The changing landscape of cloud computing, services and open source software.”

Keeping America Great

I am among the immigrants who have made the U.S. my home. I came to Silicon Valley in the 90’s and discovered that this was a paradise built by immigrants from every part of the world. I was able to become part of (and eventually lead) teams built of the best talent regardless of their…

Clear Disruptors Podcast: Premal Buch

Premal Buch, CEO of Robin Systems: “The Massive Paradigm Shift Changing Data Centers”
In e-commerce, online security, digital advertising, inventory control and countless other industry segments, a massive amount of data is being collected, analyzed and acted upon simultaneously and invisibly in the background—in real time. What this paradigm shift means for the data architecture supporting this process is a growing demand that data centers be robust and agile…

Highlights from our Demand Gen meetup

Clear hosted a Demand Gen meetup for our B2B portfolio companies. During the meetup, five presenters shared Best Practices in Demand Generation. The session was so valuable that it not only ran over the allotted time, but attendees requested a follow-on session to continue the discussion. Our portfolio companies have found valuable leverage in sharing…

Clear Predictions For Enterprise IT In 2017 — Chris Rust

Happy New Year everyone. Last year was a period of great innovation and activity for the information technology (IT) industry. I saw powerful mega trends such as: A global data center build-out arms race to support strong growth in cloud computing. The number of Internet-connected devices grew dramatically to the high Billions. An explosion of…

Release notes that get people excited

Sure, you may not have THAT many customers yet. But you will (we know you will). Start to create a culture of customer centricity. This article is a fun and easy way to make a closer connection to your current and future customers through release notes.