Avicena is a next generation high performance interconnect company. They are pioneering a novel new approach to reimagine how chips communicate with each other and with memory in computing, networking, storage, and mobile infrastructure systems. […]

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Frore Systems

The consumer appetite is insatiable for more processing, more memory, longer battery life, and faster connection speeds in thinner and smaller devices. The gating item on mobile device performance is often heat dissipation by mobile processors and GPUs. Frore is pioneering a fresh approach to “active thermal management” that will fit in the space constraints […]

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Atmosic is a fabless semiconductor device vendor building ultra-low power wireless transceiver ICs for the Internet-of-Things. The company’s devices combine highly efficient radio transceivers with on-chip energy harvesting [RF/light/mechanical motion-to-electricity] to eliminate the need for external power or batteries, creating “self-powered electronics”. […]

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