Tignis, Inc. transforms industrial data into scalable business value. Tignis offers a ready-to-use machine learning service to enable manufacturers and operators to continually improve products and processes. Insights are provided in real-time so changes can be made even while products are in use. Tignis delivers data science, development expertise, and domain insights in a machine […]

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Opsera is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company that makes”development operations” (DevOps) easy. DevOps is a burgeoning field that is fundamentally transforming the way software is written and deployed. Gartner projects DevOps software sales to grow from $2.3B in 2019 to $12.8B in 2025. Opsera provides a turnkey cloud-based solution to set up and manage the end-to-end […]

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Avicena is a next generation high performance interconnect company. They are pioneering a novel new approach to reimagine how chips communicate with each other and with memory in computing, networking, storage, and mobile infrastructure systems. […]

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Concentric Software

Concentric Software is building a data sensitivity and risk discovery platform to help enterprises identify and secure the unstructured data that is of critical value to them. Examples of such data include business sensitive documents like M&A docs, business plans, research docs, HR docs, medical images, CAD files etc. Concentric has a unique approach that […]

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Waterguru is the first appliance-enabled “chemicals-as-a-service” for residential pool owners. The company has developed a novel purpose-built, network-connected robot that continuously tests pool water chemistry, reports the test results to a cloud analytics platform, and adds the minimum amount of chemicals to the pool water to maintain the perfect chemical balance. […]

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Wootcloud is an Internet-of-Things cybersecurity company. They sell an appliance-enabled cloud service that protects the “corporate airspace” from cyber-threats. The WootCloud solution combines software-defined radio-based RF threat sensors that identify and tag devices in the vicinity of the corporate network and an IoT gateway for device fingerprinting and profiling with a cloud analytics platform that […]

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Arrcus is an infrastructure software vendor that sells a “network operating system” (NOS) for data centers. Arrcus is the first merchant NOS based on a modern micro-services methodology for high scalability, feature velocity, and wire speed performance. Differentiators include L3 routing and advanced cloud mgmt layer to drive automation and visibility. […]

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Innovium is a venture-funded, pre-launch startup based in Silicon Valley. The company is focused on defining and developing innovative hardware and software solutions for the infrastructure market. Innovium team members have track records of delivering market-leading products that have collectively generated billions of dollars in revenues and valuation. […]

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