Lilt was founded in 2016 by Stanford Phd CEO Dr. Spence Greene and UC Berkeley Phd CTO Dr. John DeNero. Lilt is an AI company developing novel natural language processing (NLP) changing the unit economics of manual language translation. Lilt addresses a large $20B+ fragmented manual translation market that is ripe for disruption with ML. […]

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Gen1E is a drug development company. Gen1E has an AI platform to screen for treatments of rare inflammatory diseases such as ARDS, ALS, Cystic Fibrosis. The CEO has been working on the p38 pathway which is the key driver of inflammation at a number of companies over the past 20 years. The Company has 21 […]

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Cartesian Kinetics

Cartesian Kinetics was founded by ex-IIT and MS and ME Stanford Engineer Jayendran Balasubramanian. Retail stores are struggling to keep up with market dynamics of instant delivery and omnichannel fulfillment, while competing with Amazon’s automated warehouses. Cartesian empowers retailers with a last mile logistics warehouse platform for storage and retrieval. […]

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AICrete is an AI company reducing the cost and environmental impact of concrete using machine learning to optimize and validate concrete recipes in real-time. The Founder Parham Aghdasi was postdoc at Berkeley for 2 years and has 5yrs of AI experience in addition to 10+ years with the Department of Defense building sustainable infrastructure including […]

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Spyn is improving health and fitness through computer vision and artificial intelligence. Spyn has built a fitness mobile app that applies their advanced CV algorithms to analyze users’ exercise “Spyn” sessions and identifies areas for form improvement. They are building a fitness analytics and management platform for both end users and businesses. The founder, Gopi […]

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Revolutionizing “data access control” (DAC) through enterprise IT and cloud infrastructure software. Acante strives to be the first company to monitor and enforce policies on data access all the way back to the end users. Acante is one of our recent seed investments in the cloud-native security space. They are building a complete data security […]

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Evidently is using cognitive AI to automate low level tasks to help physicians (initially focused on Cardiovascular, Liver, Neurology and Oncology applications). They are building an EHR intelligence layer on top of EPIC/ Cerner etc. to provide Semantic Search capabilities to PCP, ER Docs, specialists. The company intends to address issues around quality of care, […]

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The world’s first general-purpose natural language automation platform and computing system with human-like error handling. Kognitos is enabling businesses, big or small, to radically accelerate their innovation. […]

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