Wherobots is founded by the original Apache Sedona (GeoSpark) creators and specializes in efficiently managing, processing, and analyzing all sorts of geospatial data at scale. They develop software systems that are able to digest massive amount of geospatial data, effectively store it, and allow users to retrieve and analyze such data with interactive performance. […]

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Vori is the only modern B2B operating system for the grocery industry. Their technology seamlessly connects data across the food supply chain, streamlining operations for grocers and suppliers while democratizing food supply access. […]

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Lilt was founded in 2016 by Stanford PhD, CEO Dr. Spence Greene and UC Berkeley PhD, CTO Dr. John DeNero. Lilt is an AI company developing novel natural language processing (NLP) changing the unit economics of manual language translation. Lilt addresses a large $20B+ fragmented manual translation market that is ripe for disruption with ML. […]

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Acante has built a comprehensive data security observability, access intelligence, and access governance solution for modern data infrastructure stacks. It empowers data platform teams to  confidently and rapidly democratize access to their data while meeting security and compliance mandates. […]

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Evidently automates low-level cognitive tasks for physicians so they can more efficiently deliver safer and higherquality care. The Company uses natural language processing (NLP) to automate data extraction and analytics of the most useful conclusions from all available records and research. The Evidently platform provides medical practitioners with a radically simpler patient-specific “knowledge graph” built […]

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Transforming industrial data into scalable business value. Tignis offers a ready-to-use machine learning service to enable manufacturers and operators to continually improve products and processes. […]

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Making development operations (DevOps) easy. Ospera provides a turnkey cloud-based solution to set up and manage the end-to-end DevOps pipeline with best of breed tools via a self-service portal in minutes. […]

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Wootcloud is an Internet-of-Things cybersecurity company. They sell an appliance-enabled cloud service that protects the “corporate airspace” from cyber-threats. The WootCloud solution combines software-defined radio-based RF threat sensors that identify and tag devices in the vicinity of the corporate network and an IoT gateway for device fingerprinting and profiling with a cloud analytics platform that […]

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Aera Technology

The cognitive technology for the Self-Driving Enterprise™. Aera understands how your business works, makes real-time recommendations, predicts outcomes, and takes action autonomously. At Aera, we deliver the cognitive technology that enables the Self-Driving Enterprise™: a Cognitive Operating System™ that connects you with your business and autonomously orchestrates your operations. […]

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Virident Systems

In 2006, the founding team of Virident set out to create data storage solutions that would maximize CPU utilization by boosting I/O performance. The company became known for its FlashMAX Connect product, the industry’s first software suite to deliver a shared server-side flash storage tier with enterprise-class reliability. One of the most notable use cases […]

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