Founder Nareen Shaam decided to take four months off to travel across Europe. It was always on his bucket list – when he was earning his Harvard MBA and even as he had been working in product management and financial services in New York. Naren experienced first-hand the logistical challenges of navigating Europe by air, train, and bus. He envisioned bringing the power of meta-search across many information silos in the deep web to improve the travel planning experience for the world’s travelers.

Following his convictions, Nareen resigned his position, moved to Berlin, and founded Omio to turn his vision a reality. Omio is now providing 10s of millions of curated and route-optimized end-to-end itineraries per month for millions of travelers, all in less than 30 milliseconds. Powered by proprietary access to data sets from over 400 bus, rail, subway, and local ground transport providers Omio is one of the fastest growing companies in the travel industry.